Learning how to protect your phone during cold condition is of great importance during this season.

Because of the polar vortex the world is currently experiencing, the temperature have drop to as low as -60 degree Fahrenheit in some location.

In this type and of extreme condition, phones like iPhone and Android phones goes off when you use it outside your home.

Phones goes off because it is using Li-ion battery which can’t handle the excessive cold.

How to protect your phone during cold weather

Why phones shutdown during extreme weather

The issue of phone shutdown is not restricted to smartphone only, other batter-powered devices also suffer the same problem.

This problem is not limited to only during cold condition, same thing also happen during extreme hot weather.

Smartphone face this problem because it uses Lithium-Ion batteries.

During weather conditions like polar vortex, the liquid electrolyte between the two electrodes in the battery freezes.

This result to the inability of the battery to send energy to the phone, after sometime the phone will go off.

How to protect your phone during cold weather

Keep it in your your pocket

Though this is a very common act, keeping your phone in your pocket or bag can protect your phone during icy temperature.

Your body heat will serve as a benefit to your phone to keep it close to optimal temperature.

Leaving your phone in the cold or in a parked car is a very bad habit which you should avoid.

Use a special phone case

For those that still want to keep there phone out in the cold, you can pick a phone case in the store which are specially design to keep your phone warm.

Examples of phone case that keep phone warm are; Burton Antifreeze, Salt Cases and ClimateCase.

ClimateCase keep your phone warm  using insulated neoprene. This case is Machine washable and have extra pocket for storage.

The Burton Case on the other hand keep phones warm using insulation with pocket for cards or cash. While salt case are insulated against cold with traditional phone case.

Turn The Phone Off In Freezing Temperatures

Smartphones don’t run well during the winter so you have to winterproof them. Damage can be cause on the delicate circuitry inside the device during plunging temperature.

It is advisable to turn off your phone during such condition as it can withstand more abuse than when it is on.

iPhones can be stored at temperatures ranging from as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

During cold weather you can switch it off when the temperature dips bellow 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep Your Battery Charged

One of the common side effect of extreme weather is battery drain, for you not to fall a victim of this make sure your battery is always full.

When heading out into the freezing weather, you should try and get a backup power source like portable power bank to charge during emmergency situation.

What to do if your phone switch off during cold weather

If your phone switch off during cold weather or give you low temperature warning, perform the simple task below.

First, don’t try to restart it immediately or warm it up Immediately as it can cause a great damage.

The thing you should do is to put it in your pocket to warm it or a warm place until the temperature adjust. Switching on your phone immediately can shorten battery life.


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