How to transfer photos from Android to PC

The technological development in the Smartphone industry has made it to compete with mid-range camera. The improved shot quality, high storage capacity and many other improvements makes it a better contender. But the problem is on how to transfer photos from Android to PC.

Those that are not familiar with PC and Android will surely face a big problem. They will find it difficult to setup the two device to work together. This article will teach you how to send photos from your Android phone to laptop.

You can also use some of the method discussed in this post to transfer photos from Android phone to Mac PC. There are so many ways you can send photos from Android to PC. We will discuss some in this post.

Use Application to Send Photos to PC

Smartphone company know that transferring file from Android to PC with be difficult for average users. For this reason they come up with Apps to manage photos and help in sending them to another platform.

Different smartphone company uses vary software for this, Samsung uses Smart Switch, Xiaomi uses Mi PC, Huawei uses HiSuite. Other smartphone also have various app for this. All this software help you to transfer photos from Android to PC with USB drive. They makes it possible to perform large operation on the photos.

If you are not convenient with the pre-installed software in your phone, you can settle for third-party apps. Third-party apps are made to handle photos and send photos from your phone to computer.

FotoSwipe: This is a software that allows you to interact with your smartphone directly from your PC browser. This App has been used and it is trusted by many. It makes it very easy to move your photos from one device to another, you don’t need to use USB or other apps.

Dropbox: This app can be use for both PC and mobile phone. With this app on your phone, just touch the photo you want to send in your Gallery. Select share from the menu and then choose Dropbox. You can then choose the folder you want to save the photo.

FotoSwipe: This is a very “vertical” app, it is created mainly to manage the photos on your smartphone. You can use it to transfer your entire galleries, with a few steps, both on your PC and on another phone.

The apps above will help you to transfer photos from Android to PC without using USB.

Transfer photos from Android to PC with USB cable

One of the fastest way of transferring photos to PC is using USB cable. This method is faster and safer. All you have to do is to connect your USB cable to the PC. If you don’t install a special software on your PC, it will only read your phone as a normal device. To transfer, click on the icon that appear at the top and select “transfer of MTP files”.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC

After the step above, open This PC and right click on the Smartphone, choose the option import images and video to download all your image and video on your phone.

This is a suitable method for those that want to transfer photos or images in bulk to their PC.

Google Photos

With the Google Photos App you can backup all your photos. This app even save your photos directly on Google Drive, which you can access easily with PC.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC using Xender

Since almost all, if not all Android, have Xender for transfer of files installed. Xender makes it possible for you to transfer files or photos from Android to computer easily. Follow the steps below to do this.

First, open your Xender app and click the icon you see on the top left corner. This will bring some option for you, tap on “Connect to PC”.

How to use Xender to send photos to system

On the page that appear, you will see “Web connect” and ” Hotspot”. Tap the Hotspot and click on “Create Hotspot”. The instruction on the next page will tell you to input a web address into your web browser.

How to use xender to send files to PC

On your computer, open your browser and input the web address and tap “enter button” on the keyboard.

An option will then appear on your screen to accept of decline. Click on Accept to start sending. This is an option for those that are searching for how to tray photo from Android to PC with WiFi. Because this process uses WiFi.

This method can also be used to send files or photos from your PC to Android.

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