The rise of WhatsApp, Facebook and other calling and messaging apps have made Skype less relevant. Skype is once what everyone put hope on for  video call and messaging. Skype has add new features to outshine other app.

Who knows is this new feature will makes people to run back to Skype.

Skyy introduce new feature

The Microsoft-owned service, Skype has add a screen-blurring feature in it’s latest design. This is to cover your background or any other details you don’t want to reveal.

This feature is similar to the blurring added to the Microsoft Team previous year. This feature will use artificial intelligence to keep focus on the caller. The feature will only detect hair, hand and arms.

This feature is already out to Skype for desktop, the web and mobile but it does not support a devices.

The Skype new feature can be enabled from the settings or from the video call button.


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