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Netflix launch smart download for iOS: Watch videos offline


Netflix has launch a new feature on iOS devices to make users enjoy their show while offline. The new feature launch by Netflix is called “smart download”. Netflix smart download will help you automatically delete episodes you have watch and download the next one. This happen only when you are using WiFi.

This new smart download feature will save user from tedious work of managing their downloads themselves. Netflix smart download will delete watched episode and download new one itself. All you have to do now is just to enjoy Netflix show.

Netflix smart download for iOS

The smart download is going to favour those that have good WiFi access. Those who travel through dead spot where there is wireless coverage and through underground trains are also favoured.

Those that subscribe to unlimited data plan will also find this as a great news for them.

This feature has already been launch on Android last summer. Offline features over the year has prove to be very efficient in attracting and retaining users.

This feature which has been launched on Android devices is now available for iOS and Window 10 Netflix app.

The offline access has been the target of Netflix especially for those in developing market. A more affordable subscription “mobile only” is also tested by the company last year.

How to use Netflix smart download on iOS

To use Netflix smart download on iOS devices, toggle the option in the Netfy App settings. The feature will turn itself on when ever you are connected to Wi-Fi. Your data plan is save with this feature and your space won’t fill up as you watch.

You will also get an alert when the episode has been downloaded.

Netflix iOS users will now spend little or no time to download episodes with the Netflix smart download. The company also made a statement that the earlier users download the better.


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