Google launch new Andiantrum encryption for cheap smartphones


Google has officially launch Adiantum for low-end smartphones.  This new encryption will offers protection for all low-end smartphones users. It is launch to serves as an alternative to AES. The AES is the encryption found in high and mid range phones.

The Advance Encryption Standard (AES) is not always compatible with the low-end phone processor. Google Adiantum is an encryption that will serve as low-end phones saviour.

Based on the ChaCha20 flow encryption, the case of slow operation will now change.

As explained by Google in a blog post, encryption is a huge drawback. It normally slow down devices that are not equipped with powerful processor. However, the goal of Google Adiantrum is to offer  a new way of encrypting data without affecting the performance of low-end smartphones.

The Adiantrum will run on Android Go devices, Smart TV, smartwatches and other gadgets that use low processor.

New Google Adiantum encryption

The new Andiantum is going to work faster than its other counterpart like AES while mentaining it’s security. Google actually put low-end Smartphone users into consideration in the new encryption system.

The sales of these models has started in many countries, most especially developing countries. The new encryption is safe at all time.

Android Go operating system smartphone users will benefit from this model. The encryption will work perfectly with less powerful smartphones that have low RAM.

Android pie users can also activate this encryption on their devices.


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