Opera now offer free VPN for Android


Opera browser has take a bold step to become the first browse to offer VPN service. This new feature will now be available on mobile.

The company just announce that it’s Android browser app will now have a free VPN. This feature will be available for the app beta user gradually. This VPN is going to be free and unlimited.

You can set the Opera VPN to locations like Asia, America and Europe. It also have an optimal setting that have fastest available Connection. Opera is not going to collect your data for switching on the VPN and hide your user data and location from websites.

You can set it to limit VPN usage to private tabs and to switch it off for search engines to get local results.
Opera VPN

Opera has previously launch this VPN app on Android and iOS but terminate it last year. This new feature will obviously attract more users to Opera.

“The reason why we are including this built-in VPN in our Android browser is because it gives you that extra layer of protection that you are searching for in your daily mobile browsing,” The company said in a blog post.

The VPN is powered by 2015 acquisition is going to offer many other privacy features. This feature is launch on Android and will be launch on iOS later this year.

Using a VPN is one of the best way of hiding your IP address. It keep your location from the website. Opera VPN is unlimited.

How to enable Opera VPN

  1. Using Opera VPN is very easy, all you have to do is to download the app and follow the steps below.
  2. Navigate to settings ( Preference on Mac)
  3. Choose Privacy and Security
  4. Toggle the free VPN
  5. An icon will then appear in your browser, from here you can turn the VPN on or off.  Then choose your preferred location.

Other features of Opera

  1. Cryptojacking and ad blocking
  2. Cookie dailog box blocking
  3. Support for crypto wallet
  4. Web 3 apps
  5. You can buy crypto directly from your browser.
  6. Touch browser for device with no home button


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