Google Docs launch new API for autonomous service

Google in an announcement today stated that a new API is now available for Google Docs. The new API will allow developer to automate many of the things they do manually with the company’s online office suite. This new API has been in preview by the developer since last April’s Google Cloud Next 2018, it is now available for developers.

Google Docs launch new API

According to Google, the REST API will help developers to build a workflow automation services for users. It will also build content management service and great bulk documents.

With the new Google Docs API, developers can set up a process that will manipulate documents after the fact to upgrade them. It can also insert, delete, move, merge and format text. Also, it can work with list and insert inline images.

Invoicing is the canonical here, you will have to regularly create similar documents with ever-changing order numbers and line item with information from third-party system. With the ability of the API to import and export, you can use the Google Docs for internal content management system.

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