Russia to disconnect totally from the internet: Read details

The whole world has been revolving round the internet for decades now. Both yooung and old are seen roaming the internet to chat and get information. But now, Russia has decide to completely disconnect from the internet.
A recent Russian law would compulsory the service provider to totally disconnect Russia from the internet. The purpose of doing this by the Russian Government to protect their internet from foreign interception. 

It is also aimed to route all traffic internally. The day this law will take effect is still unknown but it’s sometimes in the coming weeks.
This experiment will aimed at gathering information and provide a potential amendments for the Digital Economy National Program.  

Apart from the disconnection of the internet, the proposed law also requires the installation of equipment by ISPs to reroute all Russian traffic through the Roskomnazor. The Roskomnazor is the government body that is responsible for censorship and tracking all the online activities of Russians.

The Russian Government has done a DNS backup to allow Russians to access sites hosted within the Russian network. All network provider within Russia has agree to take part in this.

Updated: February 12, 2019 — 1:02 pm

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