Apple has made a small change that is of great importance to their users. Apple made this change in the new iOS update by making g it easier for users to manage app subscription. In the lastest iOS 12.1.4 and 12.2 beta, the “Manage Subscription” settings has been relocated. The button has just been made one click away

In the latest release of the mobile operating system (iOS 12.1.4 and 12.2 beta), the company has when you tab on profile in the App store.

This small change is going to be of great importance to those that are having problem with updating their apps. Subscription is one of the major means of generating income for Mobile apps, so it is important for customers to know how to turn subscription off.

Most customers don’t know how to turn off their subscription. Many has revolve to contacting the producer to help them out. This new is not the customers fault has Apple had made subscription management screen difficult to locate.

Previous steps to access Manage Subscription

Before you will go to the stress of clicking on iTunes & App Store >> Apple ID >> View Apple ID >> then scroll to the bottom of the screen. This is a bit easier in the iOS App Store app.

On Google Play, it is very easy to access subscription management. It is just at top-level navigation with no scrolling or extra clicks required.

iOS 12.1.4 update makes it easy to access Manage Subscription

How to access Manage Subscription on the new iOS 12.1.4 update

On the new iOS 12.2.4 and 12.2 beta tap your profile icon on the App Store and “Manage Subscription” will appear.

This step taken by Apple is to save users from despirate developers. Many developers do use confusion button or free trial to lure users to subscribe. Subscription is one the way of generating revenue on iPhone.

Users will now be able to turn on subscription they want and turn off those they don’t want easily.


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