How to deactivate the Activation Lock on iPhone without password


Many people that forget their Apple ID are facing the problem of accessing their device. This happen because iOS always have Apple ID to which a phone is associated with. I have receive many mails from users asking how to disable Find my iPhone. This makes me do many research and come up with this post.

iOS 7 has a bug in it that can help users to deactivate “Find My iPhone” and a way to go around the Activation Lock without a password. Many videos are on YouTube that will help you on how to circumvent iPhone iCloud lock with steps on how to disable “Find My iPhone“.

How to disable find my iPhone

How to disable Find My iPhone

To disable this feature, go to restart my iPhone, and you will be require to access iCloud settings. In the iCloud settings, you will disable the “Find My iPhone” by typing in your password. If you don’t remember your password, you can just Delete Your Account and then disable “Find My iPhone”. After this turn off your iPhone device.

When you turn on your iPhone again, the Activation Lock would have been get rid of and now your iPhone is not attach to any particular Apple ID.

Alternative way of doing this is by putting a call through to the individual or third party company where you get the iPhone. You calling them is to tell them to take down the iPhone from their Apple ID from their iCloud account.

For those that don’t have contact with the original owner of the iPhone. You can search for video online to help you out.


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