Apple is planning to hold an event in March 25. It is likely that they will focus on the Apple video streaming service at the event. We suggest this because their is no product to be launch that day.

The streaming platform will be the focus of the event on March 25. TheĀ  service which is scheduled to be launch in April will be revealed to the world that day.

Three have been rumor surrounding the Apple Video Screaming Service for some times now. Bit by bit the service is gaining more attention. Media has confirm that the streaming platform will be one of the major content on March 25.

Apple Video streaming platform

Apple Video Streaming Platform

Apple will be joining other company like Netflix, Amazon or Disney to launch a live video streaming platform. Video streaming is one of the way millions of people all over the world consume content like series and movies.

In other for Apple to achieve their goal they have already have some original content available even before they launch the platform. The company have already work with Hollywood stars in other to bring the platform to success.

Some of the people that are in these series and films are Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon or JJ Abrams.

Three have been news about Apple Video Streaming platform months ago. Therefore, it’s a good decision for the company to do a presentation on it in March to create awareness before it is launch officially in April.


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