Taking a screenshot is what most Android users can’t do without everyday. There are many common ways you can simply do this on your devices but some smartphone company can add a twist. Since company producing Android phones are many, they can actually decide to add some things to make screenshot step more easy. However, this post will teach you how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have many unique ways of taking screenshot and scrolling list to edit after screenshot. The steps you can use to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9 and edit the picture are; Bixby Voice, Palm swipe screenshot, Scrolling capture and Button combo.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Screenshot using Button combo

Thus is the easiest method and one of the most widely method used to screenshot. Follow the steps below to use this method;

Click and open where you wish to capture on your screen.

Hold and press the volume down button key and the power key for few seconds.

The screen will then shrink in, take your hand off the buttons at this point. The edit options will then show up on the screen.

For those that wish to edit the screenshot right at capturing it, click on the button options to crop, then drop and share it. If you eventually miss the keys, what you screenshot will appear in the notification shade. You can make it bigger from there and click options to share, edit or delete it.

Palm swipe screenshot

Samsung also made a secondary process to screenshot option on the device. This involves using your hand to move across and turn on the process. To use this method, follow the procedure below.

Go to Settings and click on Advance features. Then switch on the Palm swipe to capture option.

Open where you want to capture on the screen.

Then simply place the surface of the palm of your hand on the border of the screen, and swipe it across the screen of the device together.

The screenshot will be taken immediately and you will be able to edit crop and share.

Scrolling capture

Apart from taking screenshot by button combo or Palm swipe, there is an extra feature to take screenshots in the edit bar, which is “scroll capture. This feature allow you to move and join different screenshot together automatically into a long screenshot. Follow the steps below to use this option.

  • Open where you want to screenshot on your phone screen.
  • The application you open on your phone should be able to move vertically.
  • Use either the combo or the Palm swipe to take the screenshot.
  • Then click scroll capture at the base of the screenshot edit menu.
  • Click the scroll capture and make sure you have seen everything in the application that you want to capture.
  • The screenshot will then save automatically save orderly with the extra-long scrolling screenshot.
  • You can now crop, edit and share it.


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