It is so annoying when videos and audio or pictures download automatically on your WhatsApp especially if you don’t have much data. This post will take you through the simple steps on how to stop auto download on WhatsApp.

When you download WhatsApp, any file, video, audio or picture sent to you or the group you belong to will download automatically. This features can actually be stop by following simple steps.

All auto download happen because it has been set on WhatsApp as default to download sent items. The steps to follow to stop the download for Android and iOS devices is below.

Stop automatic download on WhatsApp for iOS

    • Open WhatsApp and go to the “Settings”
    • Tap on the “Use of Data and Storage”
    • You will then need to click on “Photos”
  • Just select the “Never” option

After doing this, anything someone else send to you are a group you belong to will not download without your approval.

Stop automatic download on WhatsApp for Android

  • Open WhatsApp and go to settings
  • Click on “Data and storage usage”
  • Tab the “when using mobile data” option and untap everything.
  • Click on when using “WiFi” option also and do the same

How to stop automatic download on WhatsApp

The steps above are the only way you can stop automatic download on your WhatsApp.


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