If you are an Apple Music subscriber and you possess an Apple Watch Series 3 or later. You can access your Apple Music right from your wrist with the automatic access to music library.

You can start enjoy Apple Music on your App watch by just connecting to a local WiFi or cellular network connection. It is also necessary for you to pair your watch with AirPods or any other Bluetooth headphones.

How To access Apple Music on Apple Watch

To access your Apple music from your watch, launch the music app on the Apple watch. Scroll up is necessary and then tap the library. You can also ask Siri to play any song for you on the Apple Music catalog and also listen to customers and live station on the Apple watch Radio app.

How To Control Music Playback on Apple Watch

When listening to Apple Music on your Apple Watch or on a connected iPhone. Your watch will display the song you are currently playing and numbers of audio playback control.

You can play or pause a song using the centre button and buttons are on both side to play the previous or next music. When you tap the speaker icon, a plus and minus button will display to adjust the volume level.

To delete a track from your library, tap the lower right ellipsis button. And if you are listening to an album or playlist, tab the lower left button to move to the track list. Here, you will also find the loop the list/song options and shuffle the track list.

If you study this post very well you will be able to maximize your Apple watch usage for your enjoyment.


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