Games and Apps developed for Android phones can actually be enjoyed on PC. Many phone devices does not support some games because they require high technical sheet. If you are in this situation, this post will teach you how to play Android game on PC and how to use Android app on your computer. 

This is possible, thanks to BluesStacks and Chrome extension. Those using high end devices can also try the game on their phone on their PC for better gaming experience.

In this post we will provide you will the best way to enjoy your Android favourite game in your personal computer.

Emulator: BlueStacks

BluesStacks is a computer software and it’s the easiest emulator you can use to enjoy your Android games on PC. BlueStacks was developed in 2011 and since  we then have billions of game played in it. BluesStacks is the best emulator used all over the world.

Emulatorss that allow you to experience a console device on another machine. The most widely used emulator is the one that allow you to play game develop for console on PC.

BlueStacks is a tools developed purposely for Android games. It provide gamers with a unique gaming experience. This is because products develop for Android may be better on some computers with high technical specs.

This emulator will allow you to enjoy your game on a larger screen and better gaming experience.

How to use Android Apps on BluesStacks

How to install and use BlueStacks

To install BlueStacks, open your web browser and go to the emulator official website. On the home page click on the green button on which the word “Download BlueStacks” shows. The download is available for download on Windows and Mac OS devices.

The installation file will then be downloaded. This might take sometimes depending on the speed of your connection because the weight exceed 400 megabyte. When the download is done, click on the file and follow the guidelines to install it.

Once you are done installing BlueStacks, the next step is for you to log in your Gmail to access your Play Store.

To install Android games or apps to play on your PC, you will have to visit Google Play Store. In the search field, enter the game you want to install or consult the available collections divided by genres and rankings.

After choosing the game of your choice, open the dedicated page and click with the mouse on the green button, the word install.

The game will then install automatically and added to your app list. This procedure is the same as you download games with your Android phones or tablet. This emulator also offer plug-and-play property for gamers to use any type of pad to play.

To use WhatsApp on BlueStacks you will follow the steps above to download WhatsApp and then start using it.

Using Chrome extension: Welderio

For those that are using Chrome OS, here is another method dedicated for you. This process will also give you a very good gaming experience.

Those that don’t like the emulator or don’t want a large application on their PC can resolve for the Chrome extension called “Welderio”.

 How to install

Chrome is a browser launched back in 2008 by the search engine guru, Google. By 2015, which is seven years later, Chrome is already one of the best browser in the world. It has 65% user using it, which makes it the most download.

The latest version of Chrome is on there official page for download. To download Chrome, click on the blue button “Download Chrome” on the website. Read and click accept terms and conditions to continue. The download will then start automatically, then open the .exe file and perform the wizard.

How to use Chrome extension

Google gives room for third-party developer to load in some internal store. This extension will allow you add more features into the browser. You will have to open a new tab to access the extension store, then click on “App” at the top (near the favorite websites). Here you’ll find all the applications inside the Google Chrome, from Docs to Gmail.

Click on the “Web store” icon to find all the available extensions for you. You will then search with the dedicated function “Welderio” also called “Arc Welder”. Now, click on the “Add” button and wait for the procedure to complete.

How to load games and apps

Since Chrome is not an App store unlike the Play Store, you will need to get files with Apk extension. To perform this action, search on Google for the “Game name” and add “Apk” at the back. One of the secure site to get Apk files is Apkpure.

Download the app or game you want and access the Chrome extension. You can click on the “+” icon to search for the game you just downloaded and start playing.

The procedure above is just for illustrative purpose because it is unlawful to download content protected by copyright from unauthorized sites.


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