Oppo showcase their foldable phone: will it beat Galaxy Fold


The Smartphone company producing Oppo has announce the arrival of their foldable smartphone. This is coming after Samsung release the Samsung Galaxy Fold together with Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Phone company like Huawei have also release their own foldable phone.

Oppo foldable smartphone

This Smartphone arrival was announced by the Oppo vice president Brian Shen while showing the device off in a series of photos on Weibo ( via Engadget). The device will feature outstanding out-ward folding display and share some similarities with Huawei Mate X foldable phone.

Oppo did not really disclose much about the phone at MWC, so we only go with the information we get on Weibo.

Oppo foldable phone

When this device is closed, the display will wraps around the device with a sidebar sitting at the left-hand side of the device rear. This is just like in the Mate X. When you fold the phone out, the unit resembles a conventional tablet.

Oppo foldable phone

This phone have an advantage over the Galaxy Fold in the area of the screen to body ratio. The Fold 4.7-inch screen look tiny with the large bezels.

Also, the Galaxy Fold does not fold cleanly; it has a gap at its hinge which Oppo’s device have been able to avoid. We currently don’t know the name that will be given to this Opportunity device and how much it will cost. But have get a tips that the price should be around $1.500.


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