Play videos stored on PC on TV with Chromecast and Smart TV

The Modam Player is a program that allow you to play any video on your PC on Chromecast or on your Smart TV.  This post will provide you with step by step on how to play video stored on PC on TV using Chromecast or Smart TV.

Play Video stored on your PC on TV with Chromecast or Smart TV

The Modam Player will make playing videos on your PC using a Chromecast or Smart TV. It will provide you with an interface that is very light and direct to stream your videos very easily on your TV.

Play videos stored on PC on your Chromecast or Smart TV

The Modam prefer to use H.264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding. It will also try to transcode so that it can support other video format. It is as sple as just dragging your media files directly into the application. It will then automatically send them in a loop.

Features of Modam Player

  • It allow you to play  your videos on a Chromecast or a Smart TV.
  • You can create your own playlist easily by just importing your media files.
  • The app support formats like mkv, mp4 and avi files.
  • The Modam Player preferred video encoding is H.264 and the audio encoding is AAC.
  • An intuitive IU that allows you to easily stream your videos.

The Modam Player 0.11.4 is offered for free for interested user today only.

For you to take advantage of this offer you will have to download and install the program by clicking the link at the bottom of this article. After downloading, you will have to unzip the .ZIP file, then start the .EXE file (if present).

Downloaded and install the program following the installation procedure of the Modam Player 0.11.4 wizard. Once your installation is complete click on the ReadMe.txt text file to read on how to receive the free license in order to activate the full version of Modam Player 0.11.4.

Download Modam Player

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