Turn off iPhone Auto-brightness: Save your iPhone battery


When we are talking of great devices, iPhone will definitely make the top list. Despite all it amazing features, it battery is not that strong.

Even when you are careful with how much work you put the phone through, you will still have to charge every 24 hours.

However, there are ways we have walked on to help your iPhone battery last long. Our main focus in this post will be iOS 11, but all other iOS should be identical.

How to make iPhone battery last longer

Turn The iPhones Auto Brightness Off In iOS 11

Having a device that can adjust it’s screen brightness without owner interference is great. But this features doesn’t not favour many most time. In your case, it might be better for you to choose your own brightness level yourself.

Setting your iPhone to adjust the brightness yourself has a little advantage on the battery usage. Even though this look more of usability.

  • Go to Settings and select General.
  • Then select Accessibility and then Display Accommodations.
  • Toggled the auto-brightness off.

The display Accommodations may appears like an awkward name to you, but it house the auto brightness right now in iOS 11.

Other Battery Preserving Method In iOS 11

There are many other ways you can preserve your iPhone to last longer. There are many of such ways listed below:

Turn on battery Percentage

To maximize your battery usage, the first thing is to keep an eye on your battery Percentage. To start seeing the percentage on your phone go to, Settings > Battery > Battery Percentage

Use Low Power Mode

When your battery reach 20% your out Low Power Mode notification. You can manually turned on the Low Power Mode before that point if that’s what you want. Users often make use of this mode when they know they will be far away from a power source for lots of hours during the day. This will help to prolong your battery life as long as several power-sapping features are not in use.

How to turn on Low Power Mode on iPhone is below:

  • Go to Settings and Battery.
  • Toggle on the Low Power Mode.

The screen will display the most battery consuming apps recently or in the last one week. This will help you to know which app you have to avoid to make your battery last.

Disable Your Background App Refresh

Thanks to Tim Cook for letting us know that shutting down applications does not preserve your battery. And obviously we do not fancy that having them on while not in use is okay with us. Refreshing your Background App is a modest feature that ensures that your apps are prepared when you finally load them. If you have no usefulness for this, do not condone it. Learn to do this below:

  • Go to Settings and General
  • Select Background App Refresh and then disable it.

Uninstall Your Facebook App

Yes, you are not seeing the wrong thing. The Facebook app actually consume 15% of iPhone battery when you leave it to run. According to a British newspaper, after conducting s Ries of test discover that, Facebook is the largest power consuming app. In fact, uninstalling and installing the Facebook lite app can help to prolong your iPhone battery life.

It is better to access your Facebook account from Sefari. And if you can’t, download Facebook lite.

Turn Off Wifi And Bluetooth When You Are Not Using Them

Why leave your WiFi and Bluetooth on when you don’t need them. The Control Centre allow easy usage of the Wifi and Bluetooth when you need them. Apart from it consuming your battery, they are also a threat to your security. The Bluetooth Low Energy also tamper with your battery, so it is better to disable both until you need them.

Disable Or Control Location Services

Many applications make use of Location Services while it is not necessary. It will signal the feature to stay in touch with the exact location at the moment. You should disable it if you are not attached to a location. Learn to do that below.

  • Go to Settings and Privacy.
  • Select the Location Services and toggle it to off.

You can also toggle off the app that you don’t want to access your location. This will go a long way in preserving your iPhone battery.

Home Update

Updating your iOS and App at home and while charging also go a long way to preserve battery. This is what you should take as a practice. Turn on your WiFi while doing your morning routine and give your iPhone time to update any app while charging it. By doing so, you will reduce the chances of it needing to update iOS or App when your charger is not closeby.

Turn down volume

Turning down your iPhone volume and using headphone whenever possible. This will allow you to reduce the impact of audio on your phone’s battery life. You can set your volume limit from Settings > Music and turn the EQ off to save more power.

Turn off iCloud

Backing up your iCloud automatically can drain your battery and also eat through your data allowance. This is also a useful feature for backing up precious photos. But there are few things being backed up that you don’t really need. Take a look in Settings > Your name > iCloud and toggle off things you don’t want.

Kill Hay Sari

This feature unnecessary drain battery when you don’t really use it. This is because your iPhone will be listening for “Hey Siri” when charging. To turn it off, go to Settings > Siri and Search and then turn Listen for “Hey Siri” off.

Switch push Email to fetch

If you wat to get all email as they come in or Maybe you have a secondary email account that is not really important. Follow the below step to do this.

  • Go into Settings
  • Accounts and Passwords
  • Fetch New Data and switch from Push to either Fetch or Manual.

Fetch will help you to set an interval of like 15 minute or more to receive notification.

Setting long interval will save your battery. If it is on Manual, it will check for new email only when you open the app.

Turn off vibration

Setting up your phone to vibration will eat up your iPhone battery life. But if your phone is on silent you can put it on vibration. Remove your phone from vibrating with the step below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Sound and Haptics
  • Toggle Vibrate on Ring to off

Turn off Airdrop

You don’t need to turn on your AirDrop everytime. You can swipe up from the bottom of your screen to bring up the Control Centre and then turn it off.


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