Best Android Phones To Buy in 2019: Performance

Many phones has been released to the phone market in the first quarter of 2019. Other cool phones are also released last year and are still trending in the phone market. Picking the phone this 2019 might be difficult somehow because many phones with awesome features are out there.

Phones with pretty design can freak you to buy them whereas, they will not offer you what you want. A salesperson with sweet tongue can also make you to buy a phone you won’t enjoy. To avoid being deceive by a salesperson or pretty design, this article will help you to make your choice.

This phone has the compilation of phone released in 2018 and 2019. You will be introduce to the best Android phones to buy in 2019. This article has the best phones including the trending Samsung Galaxy S10.

Now let’s take a look at the best Android phones in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S phones as nails it as one of the release this 2019. The phone will work on all the major network (2G, 3G and 4G). I really like almost every thing about the phones (except Bixby). The hole-punch in-display selfie camera and in-display “ultrasonic” fingerprint sensor on the S10 and S10 Plus are really awesome. This Samsung’s flagships phones has all the best speed and camera capabilities you’d want in a 2019 phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price

The new One UI is amazing to use and gets security updates monthly. Other features like a MicroSD slot, wireless power sharing, and a headphone jack make it top the deal and make the S10 our favorite phone of the year so far. The S10s comes in three variants: the high-cost, a larger S10 Plus, and the lower-cost S10E that cuts some corners. To know the details of the phone, read our article on its specification.

Google Pixel 3

This phone also work perfectly n all major networks. The Google’s Pixel 3 and larger Pixel 3 XL are two of techskye favorite smartphones. We have to give them a 9/10 in our review. The reasons are as follows.

Google Pixel 3 Price

The Pixel 3 has a good running speed as phones and has an amazing camera that rivals with the best of the best. Critically, the Pixels phone receives security and software updates directly from Google. It has fast updates  and which makes Pixel 3 owners to be treated to a post-launch camera upgrade called Night Sight. This gives it the highest-quality night shots any phone could ever have.

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T works on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon. The OnePlus 6T can’t compete with the cameras on the Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10, but it doesn’t mean it camera is bad. One of the great benefit is OnePlus’s dedication to bimonthly security updates and quick platform updates.

OnePlus 6T Price

The OnePlus 6T and older OnePlus phones receive the new Android Pie OS update before most phones. The 6T is also one of the first Android phones to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. The OnePlus 6T price is $550 phone and it’s as fast as most any device you can buy.

Note: The OnePlus 6 is also a top-notch device. It has a very standard fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the Samsung’s newest model, but Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is still a very cool phone. It features one of the faster Qualcomm Snapdragon processors (845) available in it. Everything else about this phone is mostly stellar, including the new One UI interface.

Samsung Galaxy S9

It has a good software , the camera is also outstanding, the screen is gorgeous, and the rear fingerprint sensor works pretty well. This phone have 2G, 3G and 4G for connection. If you’ve owned Galaxy phones in the past, you can get the Galaxy S9 if you can’t afford S10 variant. This phone is available on

Moto Z3 Play

Moto Z3 Play

The Moto Z3 Play does not have beefed-out spec sheet, but it does come with a secret benefit to last for long days, “a magnetic battery pack”. The Z3 Play is compatible with Motorola’s Moto Mods, a line of attachments that can add new functionality to phones. The functionality are: instant printer, an Alexa speaker, or the Z3’s in-the-box Mod; a battery pack that can double your run time to two days. This phone has 2G, 3G and 4G for connection and others.

Moto G6

Moto G6

The Moto G6 is not a best phones you can get under $250. This phone did not really have much awesome features as it is not a high-end phone. The sluggish camera will definitely frustrate you if you try to snap a shot of a fast-moving subject. Despite this disadvantage, the pictures it take under normal circumstances are surprisingly solid. It also use 2G, 3G and 4G for connection and other use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As usual, the Galaxy Note 9 is a high-end Android phone. It has a bigger screen for viewing, playing game on it will be really cool. It comes with a S pen new Bluetooth which you’ll like. You can use this pen for things like opening apps and remotely snap pics.
This phone can also be use for Fortnite bouts to email replies. Note 9 will definitely manage your most demanding tasks. Because of the high price of this phone we will advice you to go for Galaxy S10 unless you like the S pen. You can get this phone at at the best price.

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