Netflix subscriber can download and watch their favorite movie series or TV show offline. Netflix even recently launch a feature that automatically download your movie next episode. This was not the same years back.

The real plan of Netflix is to offer access to nations battling undependable internet so they can watch Netflix videos offline. Netflix has offer this features for all the susbcribers to enjoy.

Since the arrival of this feature, many are having the problem of locating their video after downloading. This article will give you the indepth guide on where you will find your Netflix video on your iPhone  and other things. This article will also teach you how to download video on Netflix.

Before you download on Netflix you need enough space to download. The space video consume depend on the size or length  of the video and the video type.

Why you need enough storage to download Netflix Videos on iPhone or Android

As said earlier, the size and length of video determines the amount of storage needed.

Long video clip will evidently require more space. Video type like Hi-Definition (HD) versions will take require even more space. HD sometimes require double the MB required for the Standard Definition (SD) versions.

The HD capabilities also differs depending on the device and iOS version. Normally, Standard Definition is good for viewers with small device.

It is of advantage to have your videos on your phone for convenient viewing. Using PC cannot offer you the desired conveniency you need sometimes. Watching video on your phone while in a bus or in a train is obviously better than watching it on PC.

Downloading Netflix videos to view offline help to chase boredom far away. It is also good way to avoid data outage or WiFi shutdown.

Before you download Netflix video make sure you have enough space for the video you plan to download. Do not try to download HD version of the video if you don’t have large space. You can go for the Standard Definition (SD) since is it also good. You can also delete the videos you have watched to free up space to download.

How To Download Netflix Videos To Your iPhone

As you know, Netflix mobile App only run on phones like Android or iOS. If you are not using any of those two, we are sorry to tell you that you can’t use Netflix. Also, to use the latest version of Netflix App, you will need iOS 8.0 or later version.

After you have make sure you have enough space to download. Also, make sure you update your Netflix App to the latest version.

You can update your Netflix app right in your Play Store or iOS store. The Netflix App is also available to download to your phone App store.

The possibility of you having it already is high so to update it, right there in the App Store, click Updates, and close to Netflix, click Update. Now let’s take you through the steps on how to download on Netflix.

  •  After updating or downloading the app, open the App and in the top right corner, click the “Menu Button”.
  • Click on “Available for Download.”
  • Here select the movie series or TV show you want to watch offline.
  • Click the Download button ( the button looks like a download facing arrow).

After you have click the download button, your movie will start to download. But if it is a series movie, the episodes will be listed and you will have to download them individually. You will see a download button next to each episode.

Why You Can’t Find Downloaded Netflix Videos on Your Phone

Many has been wondering why they can’t find Netflix video on their phone. This is because all Netflix video you download have a Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme to protect the copyrights of the videos. This is the reason why you can’t find any video you download on Netflix on iPhone or Android devices. The video can be located in the Netflix app itself.

How To Access Downloaded Netflix Videos Offline

All the videos you download on Netflix is available in your Netflix app. You can access your videos in the “My Downloads” section. Follow this step to access your videos.

  • Launching the Netflix app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Clicking on the Menu icon at the top right corner.
  • Selecting “My Downloads”.

Choose the video you want to watch by just clicking on the video, and click play.

NOTE: All video you download will not be there for ever. Most of the video you download on Netflix is allowed with expiration timer.

What did Netflix mean by Download Expiration

Each Netflix video have different expiration timer depending on the file. Netflix use expiration timer to limit the number of days downloaded Netflix video can stay on your phone. Some video will have weeks expiration time and some will have two days. You can see each video expiration time inside the “My Downloads” section. The countdown for each movie can also be seen in the “My Downloads” section of Netflix App too.

If your Netflix video expire before you watch them. You can delete them and download it again. After downloading it again, the expiration timer will start afresh.

How Can I Get Rid Of Downloaded Netflix Videos

Downloading so many videos on your phone will limit your space. Having too many video on your iPhone or Android devices will consume your storage space. So it is necessary for you to delete some videos.

To get rid of your Netflix video to free up space, click on the edit button and “X” will appear in the front of all your videos. Click on the “X” close to each video to get rid of the video.

Deleting videos one after the other can be time consuming for those that want to delete all their videos. To get rid of all your Netflix video at once, follow this step:

  • In the Netflix app, click on the Menu icon.
  • Locate and select the App Settings.
  • Select “Delete all downloads.”

All your Netflix video will then be deleted from your device. If you find this article helpful to you. Please get back to us.


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