Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone: All you should know

The MWC 2019 has withness the release of foldable phone. Many phone company like Samsung and Huawei has launch their foldable smartphone. Lenovo is also getting ready to fight it’s iconic Motorola RAZR. The details of the Motorola RAZR foldable phone is in this article.

The Lenovo company has refuse to stay behind the curtain. After it’s competitors; Samsung g and Huawei launch their foldable phone I’m MWC 2019, it also take a step to join the trend. Though the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X might have some flaws but the innovation really move the water.

The Motorola RAZR interpret a real technology revolution. It design and technology are pretty teken care of. The Smartphone industry is actually in a period of silence with many companies trying to bring out the best of their devices. There are few real news out there.

Motorola RAZR news

Motorola RAZR News

The Motorola  VP Global Product, Dan Dery said this week at MWC 2019 that :


Considering the statement, Motorola will launch their foldable phone very close to the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold in April 26. The Motorola RAZR design has not been expose yet. But we think it about not be different from the one leaked last month.

The RARZ should have a large vertical display that can folds in half, a design that is similar to the classic Razr phone.

Dan Dery also said that Motorola is planning to make a foldable double-hinged smartphone.

With all the information we have gotten so far. It looks like Motorola is getting the real idea of a foldable smartphone.

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