How To enable VoLTE on Samsung Galaxy S10

VoLTE has been available on Samsung phones for several years now. The feature is easy to enable on your phone, but it is sometimes automatically enabled as soon as you insert a compatible SIM card in your Samsung phone.

If you are not using a compactible carrier that offers VoLTE and the feature is not enabled automatically. This phone will teach you how to switch it on, on your device.

How to enable VoLTE on the Galaxy S10

  1. Open your device Settings from the app drawer or home screen.
  2. Then tap Connections.
  3. Select Mobile networks.
  4. Toggle the VoLTE to On.

Also, Galaxy S10 offers a Wi-Fi calling for all carrier that support the feature. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first device to support the WiFi 6, which is the latest wireless standard. No other device before it support this feature.

The availability of the VoLTE varies based on your location and carrier. For those that don’t see the option automatically on their S10, you can check with your carrier.

Updated: March 8, 2019 — 6:18 pm


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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d like to find out more details.

    1. This article contains all you need. Thanks for reading

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