The year 2019 is going to be a great year for film lovers. Fans are awaiting the arrival of many films like Game of Throne, John Wick and others. One of the most interesting series movie over the years and fans are waiting for it final season arrival in 2019 is Game Of Throne. The Game Of Throne Season 8 (GOT) will arrive very soon. This article will gives you details on which streaming platform you can watch GOT.

There are so many Live Streaming Platform available to watch series film.

Will Game of Throne be Available on Netflix?

This is a No question. Game of Throne will not be available on Netflix because DirectTV see Netflix as it competitor.

Since the Game Of Throne will not be available on Netflix, we will give you list of other streaming platform to watch GOT.

Where to watch Game of Throne


Hulu is also going to make Game Of Throne available for it’s subscribers. This will come for $40 monthly, you can enjoy all things Game of Thrones Season for as long as you can. As a subscriber, you have access to HBO2, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Zone, HBO Comedy and HBO Signature HD.

HBO is necessary for Hulu because it is a primary subscription service.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue also find a reason to put Game Of Throne on there list. With its $15 subscription per month you can view  GOT withoutg a PlayStation. This platform also show other series and can be watch on many devices.


DirectTV now features HBO as one of its channel and you have to pay $17.99 monthly to enjoy it. DirectTV is in competition with Hulu and it’s a good option for you. To use DirectTV, make sure it’s available in your location or region.


HBO GO has been offering great viewing for fans over the years. It is known for it awesome programming. You can view the GOT season 8 on this platform live or offline with just a subscription of $15. This subscription will last you for a month. The subscription is not only for GOT alone but for all movies and TV shows available on it. You can also view Westworld, True Detective, The Sopranos, S3x and the City and others.

Amazon Video

This is a quite expensive platform and they charge per episode. Amazon Video charge $3.99 or $9.99 per episode. To watch all GOT season you have to multiple the per episode charge by the number of episodes. This platform offers a full HD to subscribers. It has all episodes of GOT from season 1 on it.

Amazon is also offering a means to view the whole series for fans by just purchasing Amazon Prime. The price of Amazon Prime is $14.99 per month. To me this is a better offer to watch the series to save cost.


This time around, iTune has also join the queue. All Apple product users can watch the series at their comfort zone with just $96.99. This amount is to unlock all 7 seasons of GOT on your device. We don’t know yet if there will be any option to buy a single episode or season.


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