The iPhone company will be launching another product this 2019. The iPhone 11 or iPhone XI is likely to be released in September, 2019 but Apple is said to have been testing out several iPhone 2019 concepts already.

We have so many leaked information to give you in this article about the iPhone 11. But we are not sure if the iPhone company will go with iPhone 11 or iPhone XI series as the device name. The new iPhone is said to have many upgrade compared to last year iPhone XS series.

The iPhone company is not actually expected to change the whole iPhone X series design in the making of iPhone 11.

if you turn your attention to the back of every new iPhone 11 concept we’ve seen. But it is expected to upgrade the 2019 iPhone back camera. Apple is currently not selling as many iPhones as previously predicted. It is necessary for the company to launch a flagship that will catch people attention or reduce price in other to remain competitive in the market. The iPhone 2019 launch date might be September 20, 2019.

Since iPhone launch three devices in 2018, we are expecting them to do the same this year. They might be launching iPhone 11 along side with iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max. We are not sure of the name anyway.

iPhone 11 release date

iPhone 11 latest news

The new iPhone images shows it having three rear cameras which looks to be made with glass. The front if the device retain the notch from the iPhone XS. This is the second time we will hear this rumour, so it might be true. The iPhone that is scheduled to be launch in September price might be almost the same with last year.

A triple-lens camera is located at the left corner of the device which is in line with where Apple is currently placing the camera. This phone is likely to be able to function in rain or in pouring water.

The leak image also shows a glass back that us the same as the iPhone XS and rumors claim this is right. Source also said that three new iPhone model are being worked on. They will be the successor to iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

What’s the design of iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

A source has reveal to us that two design are being evaluated and the ultimate one might be ditched. The two design might also be used and it’s possible we see none of them.

The device will come in color like space grey, gold, silver and blue colors. This high-end device will obviously be attractive as it will come with the 2019 befitting technology. There is possibility that the company will work on shrinking the notch.

Triple Camera

It is possible they the high-end of the iPhone 2019 will have three rear camera. This will make the phone to take a better shot than it’s predecessor.

It is also revealed that the front camera will be 10MP, the current ones has 7MP camera. The rear camera will have 14MP and 10MP lenses but we don’t know the spec of the third one

From the same source, we heard that the other two will have dual-lens camera and the iPhone XR successor will stick to the LCD screen.

We are hearing from different publication that the iPhone 11 Max may be the only device of the tree with a triple-lens camera, while the iPhone 11 and 11R might get them “eventually,” report from Bloomberg.

A laser-powered 3D camera was planned to be use for iPhone 11, but it has been delayed to the iPhone that will be released in 2020. This iPhone roadmap suggest that Apple is going all in on augmented reality (AR).

Just like the iPhone XS, we heard the iPhone XI will feature 5.8-inch display but will have smaller bezels. It will also not support 5G network but have a battery capacity of 4,000mAh. The color you should be expecting are space grey, gold, silver and blue colors.


A source has it that it will have USB-C while another source says the device won’t have USB-C.

Since most publication has it that there will be no USB-C don’t count on a change from the lightening.

Another exciting feature we are expecting is the two-way wireless charging. This will allow you to use the iPhone 11 to charge other devices like your App smart watch.

Improved Connectivity

The source let us know that the back of the device might be a frosted glass back and it will improve the ulta-wide bandconnectivity. This would improve the indoor positioning of the device and help with navigating interiors or might also benefit AR applications.

New technology might also allow the iPhone to be easy to use in the rain. Apple has been experimenting some new tech to make their device to be easily put to use under water.

Better Face Unlock

Source also have it that Apple might use the Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors in it new iPhone. This technology will allow quicker face unlock, better Portrait mode, depth sensing, potential cool 3D modeling features and AR implementation.

A patent also suggest that the iPhone 11 could have sub-epidermal scanning to unlock it. This will allow the front camera to scan the veins and blood vessels in your face via IR for better security. This will avoid others from having access to your phone.

Together with the front-facing camera improvement, iPhone 11 could also have the snapper and similar sensor in a small notch. The new tech by one of the Apple’s camera component supplier gives room for the inclusion of some sensors under the screen. Though we don’t have a confirmation that the company will use the tech.

Apple Pencil (A13 chipset)

The Apple Pencil is only working currently with Apple iPads but the company is planning to include it in the new iPhone 11. This is in line with the tradition of App to always introduce a chipset with it’s new iPhone launches. The A13 chips is being touted with the new iPhone 11 and analysts claim that a manufacturer is already working on the A13 chip production.

Support Wi-Fi 6 connection

There is also a rumour that the iPhone 11 will support the latest Wi-Fi 6 connection standards. Though the 5G tech possibly will not be available on the device but it will surface in 2020 iPhone.

iPhone 11 Release Date

Because of the Europe biggest tech show, IFA 2019 in Barlin which is slated for September 6-11 of this year. The release date of iPhone 11 might be a little late as it will be launched the following week after IFS in Berlin. This shift in date is not expected because iPhone launch has cross over with the show couples of time. This mean we’re still most likely to see an announcement week starting September 9.

From history Apple has never held it event on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the most common day. Since the Wednesday will fall on a day of mourning in the US, September 11. It is likely for the company to choose Tuesday, September 10 2019 as the launching day. If the launch is actually delay for a week further, iPhone 11 launch date will be either September 17 or September 18.

Since 2011, Apple has not launch an iPhone this late. On iPhone 11 pre-order date, it is likely for Apple to open them on the Friday after the launch, which would probably be September 13 by our own calculations.

If our calculation is correct iPhone 11 release date could be on September 20 which is a week after launching. This is when you can really get a hold of the device and enjoy the new features. There might be shift in this date though and Apple can decide to follow recent tradition and launch the device on September 10.

 iPhone 11 price

The iPhone 11 price could start around $999 (£999, AU$1,579), which probably could be a new price strategy by the company. We should all expect that the official price of this device might cost a lot. The iPhone XS series start from $999 (£999, AU$1,579), it is likely we see identical prices for the iPhone 11.

Putting the news that Apple isn’t selling many iPhones as forecast previously, there might be a cut in price or price freeze. But it is most likely  for the company to go for price freeze which will be better than reduction.


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