WhatsApp Business is an effort by WhatsApp to help small business to interact with their customers. The business app was introduced back in September 2017 mainly for Android and graced iOS in many countries last month. Presently they are making a grand rollout for Apple users.

WhatsApp has confirm officially confirm today the global launch of the business App in a blog entry. Business owners in Germany, Brazil, the U.K, Mexico, India, Indonesia and the USA can now enjoy the App from today. This app will start rolling over for more countries very soon. A web version is also available for desktop owner to enjoy.

The difference between the normal WhatsApp and business WhatsApp is that the later gives more advance features. It allow you to automate quick replies, greeting and away messages that is similar to the Facebook Messenger App. You will create a profile which will contain your address, working hours and social media links when setting the App.

This app has been helping business owner to connect with their customers or clients and help to expand their business. WhatsApp also make a statement that the service help small business owner to expand their reach faster and more efficient.



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