WrestleMania 35 will soon be the a lengthy TV show WrestleMania in history. This TV show will now be packed with many entertainment activities.

The length of this show will never make it tiring because of the activities planned on ground. The WrestleMania 35 will wow the world with it’s events that will have ladies headlines. This will be the greatest and the best show in the history of WWE.

Wrestler like Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey will engage in a battle in a triple threat for the women’s championships. Other wrestler will also arrive in their full strength to battle for victory.

The reason why I am writing this article is to help fans on how to watch WrestleMania 35 live. Below are the information you will need to watch the TV show. This article also have a detailed information on the show.
WrestleMania 35

When Will WrestleMania 35 Start?

The biggest show in WWE history, WrestleMania 35 will kickoff at 5pm Eastern Daylight Time and the main show will be starting at 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time also.

How To Watch WrestleMania 35 Kickoff

Like any other TV show, the WrestleMania 35’s kickoff show will be live in specific places. The TV show first 60 minutes will be broadcast only on US network. But you can watch the while of the kickoff on the WWE Network, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The WrestleMania 35 pre-show will also be available  on VR via NextVR and Oculus. This has never happened before and I hope you will enjoy it.

For the pre-show, there are three matches you are likely to enjoy, they include Cruiserweight Championship match. This match will involve Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese, also the Women’s and Andre Battle Royals.

How To View WrestleMania 35 Online

Those that have a pay-per-view cable can watch this TV show. To watch the WrestleMania 35 all you have to do is to make payment for it from your cable provider. Also, a tested and trusted platform for viewing this show is using the WWE Network.

The WWE Network provide a free trial for you for a full month after you have register with a credit card. There is option to cancel your subscription anytime, the fee charged per month is $9.99.

Your WWE Network can be accessed using your personal computer and a smartphone. You can download the application on iOS and Android devices.

You can also view the WWE Network on your PS4 and Xbox One. Do this by searching for “WWE Network” on your Playstore and Microsoft stores. You can also view it on streaming device like Roku and Amazon Fire Stick.


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