Sony’s PS5 price might comes for $399

The Sony PlayStation 5 is going to cost just $399 according to an analyst. This means PlayStation 5 price is the same as the PlayStation 4 that was launched in 2013.

This information by this analyst is actually against all what we have heard about the PlayStation 5 price. Past rumors said that the Console will cost a higher price of $499, also, in the word of Mark Cerny, it was revealed that the PlayStation 5 may be a bit higher than many players expect.

The PS5 cannot be more expensive than it’s predecesor PS4; from the word of Pelham Smithers of Pelham Smithers Associates.
PS5 price

In the statement from the analyst, PS5 will come with SoC AMD Ryzen 3600G and will have an APU in the background. This is the same specifications confirmed by Mark Cerny.

Meaning that, PS5 will possess third-generation Ryzen CPU , 16 thread and 8 cores. This will make the console to attain it’s 4K60FPS and also the 8k feature.

Moreso, Smithers estimate says the Ryzen 3600G processor in PS 5 console will come for a price around $200. This estimate makes Sony to set it’s console price at $399.

This price set for this Sony console might appear expensive but when we put together all the capabilities of the console it worth it.

It was convincing for Mark Cerny to say the price of PS5 will not be expensive. And later reveal that the price could be higher than gamers expectations because of it’s features.

Because of this we are not sure of the PS5 price. The price may not be either $399 or $499, it might fall in the middle. But know that the price will never fall below $399.

I suggest that Sony will decide the price of the console putting in mind the Microsoft console. Microsoft is taking advantage of the absence of  Sony to unveil it’s latest console at E3 2019.

Sony has once taken a risk on it’s PS3 console price but turn out to be a failure. Sony’s PS3 was override by Microsoft’s Xbox 360. I am sure that Japanese giant, Sony will can’t afford to take sure risk come 2020.

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Updated: April 24, 2019 — 10:51 pm

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