Xiaomi’s wireless iron: Mi Cordless Steam Iron


Xiaomi has decide not to limit it’s wonder on smartphone alone. The company has surprise the electronics market with a wireless iron. The Xiaomi wireless iron is launched in China for just 199 Yuan which is equivalent to 27 euros.

The wireless iron, Mi Cordless Steam Iron comes with a charging cradle, adjustable mechanism and a switch to use it wirelessly. All this and Xiaomi quality seal will make it to beat it’s rivals in the electronics market.

Currently, the electronics market have witness many wireless iron produced by different companies. But the affordability and quality seal will make this iron to sell well. Also, in the iron is 2000W power to serve you for long and can be use at high speed, low speed and dry mode.

Mi Cordless Steam Iron

Mi Cordless Steam Iron charging station

In the power station, the iron has a more than enough reservoir of 280ml. Further, the Mi Cordless Steam Iron provide a charging station that you can use just by pressing just a button.

The iron will store heat for a period of two minutes from the time you remove it from the charging station. The iron preheating will just take place within 35 seconds.

The Mi Cordless Steam Iron base is made of aluminum and ceramics which makes it to be resistant. It support heating up to 200°.

This iron quality design and efficiency comes with an affordable price tag. Iron your cloth to smoothness without complication wirelessly.

This is a solution for developing countries that are struggling with electricity. Yet this wireless iron in electronics stores or on international market online.


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