A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has so many name attached to it, they are; hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk. HDD is a data storage device that helps to store all the information you input into your PC.

It is an electro-mechanical device that makes use of a magnetic storage for storage and retrieval of data. The hard drive is able to perform this operation using one or more right rapidly rotating disks called “Platters“, which is coated with magnetic material.

How to fix corrupt hard drive

Every PC has a hard disk inside it, and there is complication of corrupted hard disk faced by many. This article will focus on how to scan your hard drive and how to fix corrupt hard drive.

So many things can make your hard disk to corrupt; it could be from a connected device when trying to transfer of when editing or writing. Data can also be corrupted when program write an incorrect data or something interrupt it during writing process.

Also, a virus can make your file to be corrupt, this can be done to destroy some essential system files in the operating system. The bad side of this is that the virus will harm the system immediately. It may affect it booting sometimes. All what you need to repair hard disk is in this post.

Putting our focus on the hard drive, the hard drive have a spinning disk called a “platter”. The platter is where the 1s and 0s that makes up a file are stored. If this error occurs on the hard drive,  the 1s and 0s parts of the hard drive will become “locked away”. This happen of an accidental software error called “ Soft Bad Sector”.

The Soft Bad Sector deny you the access to the data within 1s and 0s sector. To solve this problem on your hard disk, you will have to perform Disk Scan to reveal the problem that cause the lock.

Does overheating damage hard disk?

Yes, over heating can damage your device hard disk. This happen because it will destroy the platter and create a hard bad sector, and a section of your drive cannot be read. This cause all the data in the file to be gone.

Good antivirus can be installed to the drive by some individual but you should know that hard drive are mechanical device. Mechanical device are bound to deteriorate with time. Meaning that the old drive will gradually corrupt it’s own data as time goes.

How To Check Hard Drives Health

You can monitor your hard drive health with Social Tools. Social Tools helps to monitor your hard drive self-monitoring, analysis and also reporting g technology.

You can also check your hard drive health status yourself if a problem arise. The hard drive also monitor it’s own health and report to your when necessary. Always pay attention to this report or check hard drive health manually yourself to avoid the worse.

How To Scan And Fix A Corrupted Hard Drive.

To scan your hard drive, you can use the Check Disk Command to check for errors if you are using Window device. Follow the steps below;

To check your disk, click on Win + X. SelectWindows Powershell (administrator) and input the command CHKDSK c: f/r/x. You will need to change the c: if your window is on a different drive.

What the command you input does is to scan and fix the corrupt hard disk. The CHKDSK commend does it to scan the system, /f tell it to hunts down and fix the error and /r helps to recover the data that are trapped in the bad sector. The last parameter /x tells it to un-mount the hard drive to allow it to do it’s work.

This process can take a lot of hours, sometimes a day to complete. Make sure you don’t have anything tangible you want to use the device for during that period of time.

How To Fix A Hard Drive Using macOS

For those that are using macOS, you can fix your hard drive follow the instructions below which is similar with the one above.

Click on the “Apple menu button” and then “restart.” Hold down the Command your screen display Apple logo. Now click on Select Disk Utility and press Continue.

On your screen, click Show All Devices, select your drive and tap “First Aid” button. The operating device will then scan your hard disk and fix all the corrupt files.


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