Apple just launch an update for it’s iOS, the iOS 12.3 update which is the successor of iOS 12.2 contain many update absent in iOS 12.2. This article will give you the details of the new iOS 12.3. For those that are searching for iOS 12.3 release date this article is for you.

What You Should Expect in iOS 12.3

The major update on the new iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 update is the new Apple TV app. We have informed you in one of our previous post that Apple is planning to launch their own streaming platform. With the iOS 12.3 update, the company has finally start achieving her aim. This means that Apple TV+ streaming service will be available soon. This update is not iOS 12.3 beta.

This update will provide a new app icon on the Home screen and within the Settings app with blue gradients on a black background.

Apple has replace some of the tab at the buttom, like Sports and Store which is now located somewhere else.

The tabs that are now at the buttom are Watch Now, Library and Search. The Watch Now tab has many categories like movies, TV shows, sport and kids under it. While the other tabs makes recommendation on what to watch in the “For You” section. This is done with the help of a machine learning algorithms that are accurate. App TV channels are also present in this section.

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The Apple TV app contain many channels with videos that you can watch offline and manage easily. It contains HBO, Showtime and others.

With the “How To Watch” button you can purchase contents in the Apple TV app. You can also create a new account with the “New Account” button. The app will also make available trending content for both TV and movies. For easy sharing and navigation, a Share button and Up Next are present at the upper right corner.

Other change in the iOS 12.3 update are, support for the Reiwa era of the Japanese calendar that begins on May 1, 2019. Also, the wallet app now has more transactions and icons were also remove for other transactions apart from Apple Pay ones.

Make sure you check all the changes with iOS 12.2 which are over 40 new features.


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