The Indian state of Kerala recently revealed that Linux platform will now be use for teaching purposes instead of Windows in it’s schools. This change from Windows to Linux will help them to save a huge sum of 430 million dollars.

Recently, one of the Herald ( or an official messanger ) of South Korea has also come out to say that the government of South Korea is making a move to switch from Windows OS to Linux. The government have already start working on the switch.

Currently, the government is using Windows 7 OS on their machine but they are planning to change very soon. The reason behind the decision is that the popular OS free technical support by Microsoft will end in 2020.

The Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft in 2009 and they stop giving away any technical, security, fixes, and updates from 2015.

According to the Ministry of Interior and Safety, the change will effect immediately. A test run will firstly be done by the government on all types of Linux OS to check for it’s compatibility with the existing software and application to that are used on Windows OS.

The migration time will depend on the test run. If it is successful, the migration will be done across all system immediately.

The government decide to go for Linux instead of Windows 10 due to cost. They would save a considerable amount of money by moving to Linux instead of Windows 10. This being the reason why India State of Kerala also opt for Linux.

Windows is a paid OS while Linux is available for free and it is an open-source operating system. This migration to Linux platform and purchase of new PCs would cost around 780 billion won or 655 million dollars.

Another reason for the switch is that the Linux platform has less security risk when compared to it’s counterpart, Windows. This is the reason many enterprise networks use the Linux based PS as their Operating System.


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