Huawei To Have Access To American Product For 90 days

We earlier release a post on Huawei ban on purchasing US technology and it does not appear to end very soon. Google stop supplying Chinese company, Huawei after Trump’s order that US technology company should stop supplying foreign technology company that pose threat on US security.

However, US Commerce Department has delay some of the consequences of the ban on Huawei by 90 days starting from today.

Will I still have update for my Huawei phone?

Yes, in the next 90 days, Huawei will have access to American-made products to maintain existing networks and provide software update for existing Huawei product.

However, Huawei can’t still buy any American parts and components without having the necessary approval. A report also has it that Huawei have many US technology part in store to last them for months.
Also, Android license revocation has also been put on hold for 90 days. Within this time Huawei can certify updates with Google for their existing handsets.

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We still don’t know if f this time frame will be enough for Huawei phones to have Android Q updates. But we have faith in the Chinese company that they will solve the issue or find alternative.

For now, Huawei will not be able to launch any new smartphone that has not been certified by Google to use it’s service.

The Huawei Honor P20 and Honor P20 Pro that Huawei will launch tomorrow must have pass through Google certification. Also the foldable Mate X should also have Android OS on them.

For phones that the Chinese company plan to launch later this year, we are not sure if they will have Android OS.

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