How To Fix iPhone Screen Blackout

Recently my iPhone screen just turn black while pressing it and becomes unresponsive. I try pressing the Side button and the Volume rockers but it remain the same. I am sure I am not the first person to encounter this, that’s why I try to do some research on how to fix screen black on iPhone.
iPhone screen goes black
In this article I am going to give you different ways I discover in my research on how to fix iPhone screen that go black. When your iPhone goes black there is no need to panic, it is often caused by software glitch. This software glitch can be rectify without any external help. If your screen turn black due to hardware problem, dismantling your iPhone yourself will not be easy. There are things you need to do before you take your iPhone for repair.

Why Does iPhone Screen Go Black?

Now, I will take you through some reasons why your iPhone screen went black. As I said earlier, iPhone display goes black due to software or hardware problem. The display might go black and then turn back on, or goes totally black and stop responding. If this happen to your iPhone, there is no need to panic. The former gives you sign that you have a software problem while the latter is a hint that it’s hardware issue. Before you conclude that your iPhone is dead, here are some things you need to do.

How To Fix iPhone Goes Black

Check If Your Battery Is Charged It is normal for your iPhone to power off when the battery reach 0% and it will give no life indication. Your iPhone is expected to give your sign when your battery is 20%, but you might not notice it if you are occupied. Therefore, the first thing to do when you face this problem is to plug your iPhone charger to a power source to charge. Give your iOS device some time to charge and power itself back on. This might take long depending on your iPhone model and battery status. Old iPhone often take more time to charge.


How To Restart An iPhone 7 And Older?

If the reason why your iPhone went black is not as a result of low battery, restart is the next option. Easy restart is one of the fastest way to fix iPhone software glitches. You can carry out this method if your iOS device turns black randomly. To restart iPhone 7 and older version of iOS device, hold the Side button until Power Off slider appear, then toggle the slider to the right. You will need to press and hold the option again until the Apple logo appear. Note: Make sure that you give your device time to turn off before you press the button again. Also, some old iPhones have the Side button on top.

How Can I Restart iPhone 8 And Later?

For iPhone 8 and later, hold any of the Volume button and the side button at the same time until the Apple logo appear.

Head To iTunes For Help

If charging nor restarting fix the problem, then iTune might be your saviour. This method is used if your device connect to a PC, if not you are likely to be battling with hardware problem.

Update The iPhone

Also, mere update can save the day, tap on the little iPhone icon and choose Update from “Summary”. There is a window that indicate “There is problem with the iPhone …”, this might be visible immediately you plug it in. Select the Update option and hold on till your device download and install the fresh software. Do not unplug the device untill the update is complete.

Restore Your iPhone

Updating your iPhone might not solve your problem at times. There might be a need to restore your device to resurrect it. Before you restore your iPhone, you should be aware that restoration will get rid of all your data and settings on the phone. In other to be able to have access to your data after restoring it, it is necessary to backup your iPhone on your iCloud or PC. Backing up your data will make iTune to instantly ask to restore your device from the backup. But sometimes, this might not work depending on the issue that cause the blackouts.

How Can I Restore My iPhone?

To restore your iPhone, tap “Restore iPhone” in iTunes or click on “Restore” in the “There’s a problem …” window.

Hardware Problems

Many iPhone model are not prone to hardware problems except it sustain physical damage. Or get damage by falling on the ground or submerged. If your phone drop and the display turn black, that means your display data connector got dislodged. And if your iPhone get wet and goes blackout, your screen might be broken.
Updated: May 27, 2019 — 8:15 pm

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