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How To Use Multi-window and split-screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen was built to allow Infinity Display. The screen is 6.4-inch almost bezel-less and 516 pixels per inch with a 2960 x 1440 screen resolution. This screen has a very interesting feature that allow it to split and allow you to open two applications at a time.

Apart from the screen, there is more to this phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery capacity is 4000-mAH that can last you long. On storage, it boast of 128 GB internal memory.

This article will focus on how to activate the multi-window mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. 

Using the split-screen option, you will be able to use two different app together. You can use WhatsApp and your browser together each occupying half screen.

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How Can I Enable Multi-Window Mode On My Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Activate Multi-Window Manually

To enable the split screen on your Galaxy Note 9, follow this step.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Under “Device”, scroll to Multi-Window.
  • There is a toggle switch at the top right side of the screen, toggle it on.

To allow you screen to view apps in Multi Window Mode by default. Make sure you tick the box close to “Open in Multi-Window.”

Immediately you enable this feature, you will notice a half circle symbol on your screen. The circle will indicate that you have enable split screen mode on your device.

When you click on the half circle, it will automatically place the Multi-Window at the top of your phone screen. You can then move any application you want to launch into multi-window. It is also possible for you to adjust the size of the window.

There is another way you can split your screen apart from the manual method.

Launch Apps Straight Into Multi-Window Mode

Application you use recently can be launch straight away into multi-window mode. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Click “Recent” at the left of the “Home.”
  • Select the app you want to launch and choose “Open in split screen view” from the pop up menu.

How to use multi-window on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Note that not all app allow multi-window, if you can’t find the split-screen option, then it is not allowed.


After using the multi-window, you might want to launch an app, and you want it on full screen. To do this you will have to deactivate the multi-window mode on your device.

To deactivate the multi-window, follow the steps below.

  • Tap Home button.
  • The multi-window icon will be visible at the top of your screen; touch the circled-X to exit the mode.

Nevertheless, your running apps will still be available on the Recent section of your device.


One of the major use of the split-screen is it’s ability to open an app in Pop-up view. This function also use the multi-window mode just that it open apps in Popup view and use less space on screen.

  • To the left of the Home button, tap on Recent.
  • Tap on the app you want to access and select “Open in pop-up view” from the pop up menu.
  • For optimal placement, tap on the popup app and drag it around the screen. The control that appear on the top of the app can also be used.

You can control the opacity of the app with the two interlocking rectangles on the left side by toggling it from transparent to solid. This control will allow you to see through the app beneath.

While the opposing arrows toggles the app into icon mode. This makes it a free-floating icon moving around the screen. The app can be reopen later by just tapping it. It is possible for you to have more than one app in the icon mode.

To make the app back into full size, use the third control (the two-headed arrow). The X is available for you to close the app and end popup mode.


Instead of stressing yourself to arrange the screen everytime, you can set up two apps you will like to use together to pair. By just setting up App Pairing on your Samsung phone, the two apps will always load together. To set up App Pairing, follow the steps below.

  • Swipe the Edge panel to the left to open the Apps Edge panel.
  • Click on Edit and tap “Create App Pair.
  • An option will then be available for you to select two apps from the available apps. You should select the app you want to be on top first before the second one.
  • Tap Done.
  • Tap on Home button.

How to use split-screen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You have just successfully pair two apps together. To load apps you pair together, open Apps Edge panel by just swiping the Edge panel to the left. Then tap on your desired app pair icon.

If you have any other way that split screen can be used, do well to share in the comment box.


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