Opera has taken a step forward to launch the world first gaming browser. The gaming browser is named OperaGX.

This browser is to make getting games easy for the game freak. The company launched the first gaming browser, operating on Windows. Currently, there are about 1.2 billion PC gamers out there. This browser will provide you with many customization features to personalize to your taste.

You can also change your themes and browser design to your browser interface preference.

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This browser will give you total control over your RAM and CPU usage. This will be done from the OperaGX Control Panel, where you can change default valued of RAM and CPU power for the OperaGX browser. It gives you the opportunity to either decrease or increase depending on the game requirement.

Also, the OperaGX Control Panel is easy to use, you can just set the percentage of the CPU and RAM with the circle on the screen. This will help you to control the number of CPU and RAM used by the browser. 

When you open the OperaGX browser, you will be welcomed with gaming themed sounds and animations. However, you can enable or disable this feature through settings. Also available is a dedicated gaming news section named “GX corner”.

Other features you will enjoy is Twitch integration which allows you to access Twitter through the browser’s sidebar easily. Also is a speed dial feature present which you can use to visit popular sites like YouTube, Reddit, etc with just a single click.

The OperaGX browser is packed with the original Opera browser features like an in-built ad blocker and VPN, video pop-out feature, etc.

You can get the early version of the browser to start enjoying these great features.


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