Months ago, Huawei encounter a big software update problem after banning by Trump. This ban is as a result of the trade war between China and USA, but Huawei has been trying to provide better service for their customers.

The P30 Pro, which is now receiving EMUI This update packs the new DC dimming feature that is becoming a center of attraction in the smartphone world. Basically what the DC dimming does is to dim the OLED display by regulating voltage, and not by using pulse-width modulation. The advantage of this is that it helps to reduce eye strain at night.

Also, the new build comes to possess the “Huawei’s ultra-low latency Bluetooth technology, allowing for high-quality sound and no-lag audio and video syncing”, the official changelog says. This looks like aptX LL (sans branding), but it might have some other codec.

Another improvement is on the photo quality, colors are now appearing more natural and authentic. The update has an option to enroll a second face in face unlock, and the fingerprint authentication has also been optimized, you need to re-enroll your digits for an improved experience.

Notifications will now be displayed on the lock screen with the live wallpaper, and other issues have been fixed. Examples are the abnormal displaying of videos taken with the front camera, abnormal display colors in certain scenarios, screen not turning off automatically at times and so on.

This new update will trickle down to all P30 Pro units sold globally in some days or weeks.



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