Samsung To Launch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Variants in August

There was an earlier report that South Korea tech giant is going to release the Galaxy Note 10 on August 10, 2019. But recently, CNET reports that Samsung plans to unveil the 2019 Galaxy Note on the 7th of August.

The launch of the 2019 Galaxy Note 10 will be held at the Barclays Centre, New York City. This is the venue where Galaxy Note 9 was launched last year.

Samsung is going to unveil two phones on that day under the Galaxy Note series; the first is Vanilla Note 10 and the second variant is the Pro version.

It was leaked that the two Galaxy Note variants wi have the same design but the Pro version will have a larger size and an extra back camera.

Galaxy Note 10 Pro and Galaxy Note 10

These phones will have a hole at the center of its display and have a headphone jack. The dedicated Bixby button which has never gained acceptance in the past was also ditched by Samsung.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is in more than a month time, so expect more news on the devices. Make sure you check this site daily to get more update on phone devices.


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