PUBG To Introduce Story-based Gameplay

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale game and a tough competitor to Fortnite. PUBG lag behind its competitor when it comes to story-based gameplay and the developer has decided to introduce story-based gameplay into the game.

The co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield is going to introduce a new studio names Striking Distance. This studio is owned by the PUBG Corporation, the main purpose for creating this studio is to work on story-based gameplay.

The Striking Distance studio will be working on an “original narrative experience within the PUBG universe”. Glen Schofield is appointed as the unit leader, he has previously worked in developing a popular game like Dead Space and Call Of Duty.

“As a creative, the freedom to explore the PUBG universe has me excited about the possibilities, which I view as beyond the battle royale genre”, Schofield says.

 This new story-based game will be inside the PUBG world says rumor.

The Fortnite story-driven mode is called ” Save The World.” Fortnite story mode only attracts a small audience, we are not sure if PUBG story mode will attract a large audience. There are so many story-based games like Battlefield, Call Of Duty and Dead Space are a story-driven game. The released game for this game is not yet released by the company.

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