There have been many opinions on why Apple wants its car to have an extendable bumper. All this opinion on the Apple car bumper has not been able to provide a convincing reason for it. We are still in the dark on why Apple prefers a retractable bumper.

Late 2015, Apple filed a patent for an extendable automotive bumper which we think it’s part of the Project Titan self-driving car. This patent was published on Tuesday, it contains details of the traditional vehicle bumper although the goal of the paint is not stated clearly.

 In the patent is the description of an expandable and contractable bumper which is possible via an inflatable structure. This will sound awesome to many people and e don’t really know why Apple think this type of bumper should exist.

 Some people give the opinion that the retractable bumper will help to reduce the space taken by car in the parking lot or making turning easier. This opinion is based on the fact that the car length will reduce with an extendable bumper. Though this opinion might sound reasonable it’s really not the main important thing for an extendable bumper. Also, it’s not a good reason that worth the price that will be put into the project.

If that’s what Apple has in mind they might just make the car shorter instead.

Apple extendable bumper

Another opinion is that the retractable bumper will improve safety during a low-impact collision, most importantly for pedestrians. A patent was filed by Google in 2013 for an external airbag for its self-driving vehicles. This will reduce injury in case the vehicle hit someone.

These are just the possibilities of what Apple might have in mind, but let’s wait for the Project Titans to execute their work. Also, not all patent made it see the daylight.


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