Mozilla Asks You To Pay To Have Access To Sites With No Advert


Most web users always bother about advertisements on the internet. It’s very rear to find a user that does not bother about ads that’s why many users use old good adblocker to enjoy site contents without disturbance.

However, we cannot dispute the fact that advertisements are the soul of many sites as they cannot exist without them. For sometimes now some companies have been trying to find a solution to this problem. Mozilla might be the solution to the problem, Firefox is asking users to pay so as to have access to a site that has no advertisement but offers good contents. This payment will be turned to the publishers if the information sites so that they will have revenue and have no reason to place an advert.

This project is still in the infancy stage due to many problems that need to be solved. They have to determine the mode of payment, how to create an account and if the payment will be sufficient for the sites.


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