Blueintel Africa App Launch in Nigeria and Ghana: Forex Trade Forecaster

Blueintel Africa, an African tech company launches its services in Ghana and Nigeria after a successful beta testing of the Android app for months.

FOREX is know as Foreign Exchange, Forex exchange involves global, over the-counter market (OTC) where investors, traders and exchange speculator buy and sell world currency based on the market trend

Forex trading is conducted using interbank market, an online channel where currency are traded world wide 24 hours a day and five days a week. Forex has made it to the list of the largest trading markets with a daily exchange of about US$5 trillion.

Forex transaction involves buying and selling of two currencies paired together. Example is EUR/USD, where EUR is the base currency and USD is the quote currency.

Many expart has made a fortune from forex and millions has been lost by traders. To help those that don’t have a deep knowledge of how to trade forex Blueintel has launch an application to help them out. With this app you don’t need deep knowledge of forex to start trading.

Blueintel is a forex trade forecaster tailored to serve the general public who has absolutely no idea on how to trade forex. It allows everyone make profits while having zero idea about forex trading.


The idea is quite simple, its like a guide telling you what to do, it entirely depends on the user if he chooses to follow that guide, during the system tests, we find out that the prediction rate is above 80% which is quite incredible, as a matter of fact, it does not only predict trades, it help you trade as well, making your money work for you while you watch.

This new technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict trades, with an accuracy of 80% above. The app is available only on Android for now as the company is working on getting a license to be able to upload the iOS version.

However, Blueintel does not require you to pay before you can use it, you can totally use the demo account for trades to see how it works. A demo and real account is provided for every users. Below is the download link to the app.

You can download the app by visiting

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