Smart Devices You Need At Home


The world is now a digital world, everything around us is going digital including what we use at home. The presence of smartphone is a very important in digitalization by making more device smarter and intelligent.

The Advent of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant has change our relationship with our devices. Having a smart home is having gadgets and appliances at home that are smart and intelligent.

Smart device will make things at home very easy, you can easily tell Alexa to play your favourite music as you head home. Now, let me take you through smart Devices that will make your home smart.

Amazon Echo Dot (Third Generation)

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that get things done for you very fast with an excellent sound out put. To control Amazon Echo is very easy with your voice.
Alexa Echo

Amazon speaker is powered by Dobly technology that offers crisp highw and deep bass audio. You can ask for the weather, tell it to read news to you and to give you direction with your voice. It also let you connect your smartphone to it to play your favourite music.

Arlo Ultra

The Arlo Ultra is a smart camera that streams and record video. This is an excellent camera solution for you, it record video in true 4k, or Ultra High Definition (UHD).
Arlo Ultra

The camera solution has automatic zooming, color night vision, motion tracking, siren, and integrated spotlight, one-click 911 connectivity, 180-degree field of view and many more. It is a wireless device and easy to be install.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini

This is one of the most suggested smart home device you should have at home. It plays a very crucial role in connected home device. It is cheap, simple and very easy to install.
TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini

It function is to toggle power on and off remotely. TP-Link’s Kass Mini uses wifi to connect to network and also work with an app. With the app, you can schedule turning on and off. It also support Google Assistant and Alexa.

Nest Thermostat

This smart device helps you to control your home temperature vis your smartphone or voice assistant. It make you save energy and reduce your cooling and heating bills.
Nest Thermostat

You can control the heat in your house to your desired temperature with the Nest App.


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