Screen mirroring is not something that is popular among phone users. There are apps you can us to view your desktop screen on your smartphone and vice versa. People do record there screen to enjoy stream or for technical support. Screen mirroring or screencasting apps allows you to share files and resources between your devices. With some app, you can cast the screen of other smartphones on your own smartphone.

This article will give you the details about the top Screen mirroring apps.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This app is one of the best app you can use to monitor your screen. It makes it easy for you to connect your device and makes your work resources very easy to perform. The app is simple and easy to use. The app is free and it allows to access remote resources through remote desktop gateways.

Microsoft Remote Desktop gives secure connection to your data, files and application. It also features a multi-touch option, audio and video streaming too.

Chrome Remote Sensor

This is another app that made it to the list of best screen monitoring apps for Android phones. The app allow you to monitor your desktop screen from your phone, this app work best on Tablets than smartphone because of the screen size. It support any computer that has Google Chrome browser.

Google Home

This app is for Google Home, Chromecast and other Google devices. You can use to to monitor your screen to your TV and a Chromecast with ease. Though using Chromecast is better for screen monitoring but if you want your phone screen on TV you can use the Google Home app. You will need to buy a Chromecast or a Chromecast Ultra for it to work.


Thus app allow you to cast your phone screen to other mobile devices easily. You can stream videos and movies with the app and also access photos and app on multiple devices at once. You can do this by connection your phone with other devices wirelessly. There is sync function to sync audio and video on multiple screen. It also have features to make adjustments on the mirrored screen and access apps, photos, video and other files.


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