WhatsApp is now making a move to put in a place new features that can make you to go on holiday without worry.

The new feature is to mute group notifications completely.

Normally unread messages can still be seen on WhatsApp icon because muting group chats only disables push notifications from the messaging app.

Enable vacation mode on WhatsApp

But with this new feature message sent to group chat that are muted will not appear on the icon, meaning archived messages will not appear on your screen.

How to enable the new vacation mode feature

  • Mute the group chat and archive it
  • Select vacation mode to make sure that message sent to the group did not cause disturbance for you.

WhatsApp has not enable this feature to user yet and we did not know if this feature will be available for Android users or iOS users first.

Though we did not know when this update will go live but we think it should very soon.

There has been many updates for WhatsApp recently, also we heard that ads will soon be appearing on WhatsApp status.

Just like Facebook, WhatsApp will soon give room for entrepreneur to start showcasing their product to potential users on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media platform for sharing information, picture and files.


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