Death City : Zombie Invasion is an Adventure Game for android, you can download last version of Death City : Zombie Invasion Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) for android here.

Death City: Zombie invasion Apk + Mod is a game where you have to play a role of survival in a death tolling city.

A virus broke up in your city where the dead are coming back to life as Zombie and stepping all life they come across.

In this game you will have to play the role of a resistant fighting the Zombie as well as getting their DNA to improve your weapon.

Death City: Zombie Invasion Apk + Mod

Zombie Invasion Mod has different difficulty and task for each stage you get to, your job is to get over all obstacle while saving people.

Two companions will join you in your bloody journey and you have to cooperate with them to carry out a successful mission.

You are going to face many difficult situation with your companions but you have to do majority of the job.

The DNA you get from the battle can be use to unlock firearms and upgrade your weapons which will give you better chance.

When you complate each Zombie Invasion Apk level, you shouls strengthen your firearm and prepare for the next battle.

The environment in Death Zone Zombie Invasion for Android is complex and varied, you move move through cities, rainforests, ruins, highways, every new scene will give you new challenges.

Death City: Zombie Invasion Apk Mod features

  • Refreshing firearm shooting
  • HD city survival map
  • Rich story dialogue
  • Exciting BOSS challenge

Download Zombie Invasion Apk + Mod



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