Just like PCs, Microsoft is planning to lunch a disc free Xbox for console gamers next year.

Console gamers will no more require disc before they can start enjoying their games anymore. This project may shave off $100 from the cost of Xbox.

Disc free Xbox

If you are thinking about how this will be possible, here is your answer; instead of using disc, gamers will now use digital download to play.

The new disc-free Xbox scheduled to lunch next year by Microsoft is not a next-gen device, just a traditional Xbox with lower cost.

The absence of disc and the low cost of this Xbox will not lower the gaming experience in any form.
A source that know about this development told Thurrott that the disc-free console can arrive as soon as next spring.

Those with physical game collections will also eventually have nothing to lose as they can trade their disc for digital download.

The price of the console which is currently $299 will be reduced by $100 by Microsoft for the disc-free console.

Some gamer will like to hold on to their physical game collections because the digital code cannot be resell after use unlike disc.


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