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Google Digital Well-being App is ready for download


With the help of the Google digital well-being App, smartphone users can now monitor and manage time spent on App.

This Google well-being app will also help you to set limit to a particular App on your phone.

Google Digital Wellbeing beta has been available for some time now, you have to sign up for the beta using your Google account to use the app.

Now, you don’t have to sign up with your Google account as it is now out of beta and it’s ready for download.

The only limitation is that to use this App your android phone must be running on Android Pie as in Google Pixel devices and Android One devices.

Android phone that are not tuning Android 9.0 Pie will not be able to download this App nor use the digital well-being app.

Google has also make the app available for smartphone running customised Android Operating Software.

So, those that have Google Pixel device or Android One device running Android 9.0 Pie can go to Google PlayStore to download Digital Well-being app.

Google digital well-being app

When you download the digital well-being app it will not show on your home screen or app drawer.

To use it, you have to go through the setting menu to access the app.

From there you can use the pie charts to monitor your total and individual app usage and manage the rate you use app.

There are many Google digital wellbeing similar app for download on PlayStore for those that cannot get this app.

Also, Google digital wellbeing Apk might be available for download.


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