Samsung Galaxy S10 revolution display leaked

Samsung has not backed out as one of the phone company to be producing smartphone with awesome display as they launch Samsung Galaxy S10.

We have been hearing different news about the awesomeness of the Samsung Galaxy S10 display. This phone will give you a better display you can think of.

As announced by Samsung at the developer conference two weeks ago about a multitude display this display will have tiny notched, which the Infinity – U and Infinity – V are among.

Infinity – O display has a small hole cut into the corner which can also be seen as an edge to edge display.

Presently we did not know which of this display will be featured in Samsung Galaxy S10, but very soon it will be announced.

Many tech guru has been of the opinion that infinity- O display will be perfect for the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Now the display for this phone has eventually leaked and it is not what most people are expecting.

A blurred picture of Infinity- O display was published by Slashleaks, this picture was claimed to be the display of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

So many people have already agreed with this claiming and phone analyst also think the in for is true.

It also seems that the new phone will not follow the Samsung old culture as the change will be made to both inside and outside this phone.

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