The popularly known Surface phone also named Microsoft Andromeda has been receivindg attention for two years now.

Microsoft is of the claim that the Microsoft Andromeda will be a mouth opening device for all.

 People has been waiting for this phone since it announcement, the Microsoft Andromeda phone is said to feature digital ink and telephony capacity.

This new device by Microsoft will also showcase a new version of OS, as Microsoft Andromeda OS is Window 10 built on Window core OS.

The Microsoft Andromeda device has receive a lot of attention which will make us to dig into the phone features and design details.

Microsoft Andromeda Information

The Microsoft Surface Andromeda is based on software and hardware project to produce phone that will outrank others in teem of performance.

This project is likely to draw more attention to window phones which has been outrank by Android phones in past years.

Just as Android us another OS for phone, the Microsoft Andromeda leak also reveal that Microsoft is trying to build Andromeda- based device.

The Surface phone Andromeda will be an opportunity for Microsoft to get hold of the Smartphone market once again and many has agree that this phone will give them a good opportunity to do so.

Microsoft Andromeda Performance

The Microsoft Andromeda news reveal that it is ARM based and a foldable phone featuring two display joined by hinge mechanism at the middle.

This phone is design to be a touchscreen phone but also has  a pen for taking note. It is design to look like a real pocket journal.

As said earlier, Andromeda will feature telephony capacities for call making, texting messages and other features.

This phone will feature a Snapdragon chipchet and it will comes with either 64GB or 128GB storage capacity.

The phone can last for a day at rigorous use with just a single charge because ARM will be the one to power it.

This is a good news for high end users as the Microsoft Andromeda battery life us super and best for them.

Microsoft Andromeda Software

Andromeda OS is going to be the first Windows 10  device will ship under Microsoft Windows Core OS effort.

The OS will feature CShell adaptable user interface which is currently design for dual-screen devices.

This function is gesture-base and it is not available on any Windows Shell on the market at present.

Pricing and Availability

Andromeda is a premium device that will attract more than $1,000 USD. However, no comment is out yet about the price of this device.

Though many fans has been anticipating for the phone but the phone will be out by 2019  as this year is about to run out.


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