The Nigerian social network platform Nanollite has just raised 2 million naira in seed funding to launch what will benefit the people. The CEO of Nanollite Mr Balogun Temitope Silver announced this via his twitter handle. The company developers are currently working on the ios app which will be ready in a few days.

The social network which was available on google playstore for download in December 2019 has since then gained popularity, approximately 2,000 new users registered within 24 hours. Nanollite app is a platform that encourages peer-to-peer lending, P2P lending makes it possible for individuals to get a loan directly from another individual without the help of any financial institution.

P2P lending is also known as “crowdlending” or “social lending” and it has been existing since 2005. This platform has made it possible for both individuals and small business owners to get a loan easily.
Nanollite peer-to-peer

Nanollite Peer-to-Peer Lending

Nanollite P2P lending app helps to connect borrowers with investors directly. The app has already set up the rates and the terms for the transaction. To be an investor on this app, all you have to do is to download the app below and register, you will then have to deposit a sum of money to be dispersed as a loan.

Also, loan applicants after registering will post a financial profile that is assigned a risk category which will determine the interest rate of the applicant. All the money transfer and monthly payment are done on the app.

We hope to see more updates about Nanollite in the future.



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